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O'Henry's Complete and Unabridged (All the Fiction) - My Amazon Review

This review is from: O. Henry: Complete and Unabridged (All the Fiction) (Hardcover)
I have known O'Henry's work for almost all my life.
In Argentina, my country of origin, there is almost no possible way to put one's hands into almost any of his writing. You can find, from time to time, some very old and poorly treated books of his authorship, of course translated into spanish.

Somehow, then, I have always thought about the author in the way those books were: poor, old, mistreated, and pretending to be something they weren't by a very expensive price paid for a book that is not worth that much.

I have just purchased the Complete and Unabridged edition of O'Henry's fiction, published by Barnes and Noble. I've paid thirteen dollars (including shipping) for the hardcover 1425 pages version in absolutely pristine condition.

And I have my mind blown away with it.

It's not just the written material inside the book. It's a whole world, turned upside down with a snap of the fingers.

I believe this is an extraordinary work, that does perfect justice to a tremendous author, who has been one of my very favorites through my whole life.

The edition is absolutely great (I believe one could hardly ask for more), and the content is, of course, all you can ask for.

Coincidentally, I have just bought the book The Boutonniere, related to the almost lost art of carrying a (real) flower in man's jacket lapel. I also bought a lapel flower vase (made of sterling silver in England) to keep the flower fresh through the day in a water container that is hidden from view behind the lapel. I've had to do a tremendous research in order to find someone who, in these present times, still takes time and energy to manufacture a piece like it. The same thing goes for Barnes and Noble, because this edition is only four years old.

I believe that some things from the past don't change, don't get lost. We just storage them, without knowing it, in a remote place hidden inside of us. And from time to time those living things come to life (with help and) with a youth and a strenght that amazes but above all revitalize our souls.

Only then we can go out there and keep trying to be modern and cool and brave. Because there are giants behind us, carefully guarding our backs.

Today the sun shines stronger. And the spring is barely starting.


Jansenson Magia

Jansenson Magia
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