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Graf Story - My review (english version)

Graf Story. 
Dinner Show.
Tattersall. Palermo, Buenos Aires.
Tuesdays to Sundays until August 24th.

In the card attached to the flower bouquet that I gave the cast of Graf Story as an appreciation gift, I wrote:

"It's been said that true art make people blossom.
Thank you all for allowing us to experience yours."

I sincerely believe that no one should miss this experience.

Voronin is a complete artist that, among other things, performs magic. And in the case of this show he is the creator and the director, leader of this extraordinary group of artists from different confines of the world.

I have admired Voronin's work for about 20 years. And a couple of nights ago I have had the privilege of seeing him live again, and I have also had the privilege of enjoying the beginning of a (I hope) long lasting friendship.

The Tattersall has dressed in its gala clothes: food service is from Schuster who, once again, has demonstrated that food can be served professionally without losing the warmth of the staff and the maximum care for details.
The show is truly amazing, filled with thousands of those little and at the same time giant instants that make the whole a lot more than the sum of its parts. "Circus" acts are of top world quality, and actually, some of them have performed in different Cirque du Soleil's shows and ZinZanny Theatre.

While trying my best to remember my favorite moments, I realize that I have to name them all: everything Voronin does, of course; the Vertical Tango is truly awesome, with Sandra and Sam: the energy they convey, the strenght in their hearts above their muscles, the perfection of each movement, the amazing amount of artistic details all combined to deliver one of the most beautiful acts of any kind I have ever seen. The (so much more than a) contortionist doll, Svetlana, exquisite, making all of us believe that she is actually a doll, with her so well put together character. The master of ceremony, Matt de Kran, harmoniously tender and crazy. Oleg Izossimov, standing on his hands, a very artistic act, Elena Gatilova, the femme-fatal while walking around the tent and then in her elegant and poetic act of air acrobatics with a hoop (a friend reminded me that we have seen her at Zumanity, from Cirque du Soleil, but here she is a lot more enjoyable), Rustam Tsodikov, with his powerful aerial straps act, and Brandon Majik as Voronin's shadow (a delicious creative, artistic and conceptual character), and the duos MainTenanT (a very sexy and classy act) and Nostalgia (very acrobatic and intense trapeze act), and Melanie Stace, the singer, pretty and talented. And the contemporary dancers, and the sweet classic dancers, and the delightful Max, the apprentice magician, and the interaction of the artists with the audience thru the whole night around the tables, and the glamour, and the happy and participating audience who accepts the terms of this wonderful journey called Graf Story, a show that keep us all applauding, laughing, recommending this experience to anyone that is open to listen.

I have already been there two times, two days in a row. And when at the end of the show Matt de Kran stands in the middle of the central stage (now turned into a dance floor) holding a disco ball over his head and turning with the music, and the artists invite the audience to dance, I have also enjoyed dancing until the music stopped at the very end of the night. That alone, for me, means that I have had the time of my life because otherwise I would have never stepped into the dance floor.

The artists of Graf Story are (along with the technicians, the producers and the service staff) that kind of people that is seldom found, close to whom I believe we should spend at least some time, because they will infect us with their magic, their passion, their amazing energy, their artistic and stirring way of walking thru life.

People who water us as if we were thirsty flowers, people who refresh us like if our hearts were dry, people who make us grow, people who give us back our childhood, enlighten us, wake us up and make our lives a little more (or a lot more, maybe) worth living.

People who show us that life is extraordinary and beautiful, that there are those who live it almost to its full potential. People who show us that there is farther, bigger, deeper, happier, more powerful, more passionate, in anything and everything we are, in anything and everything we do.

People who embrace us with each gesture, with each detail, with each look.

People, as in Hamlet Lima Quintana's words, so necessary...

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